CORAF organized on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, the handover between the outgoing Executive Director, Dr. Abdou Tenkouano, and his interim successor, Dr. Alioune Fall. This transition, led by the Chairman of CORAF’s Board of Directors, Dr. Angela Maria Moreno, marks an important turning point in CORAF’s history.

The ceremony took place in a solemn setting, reflecting the importance of this transition for the regional organization. Dr Angela MORENO opened the ceremony with a warm welcome, highlighting the importance of continuity and stability in CORAF’s management to achieve its strategic objectives.

The session continued with the reading of the handover minutes, a crucial document that records the details of the transition between Executive Directors. This step was conducted with precision and transparency, underlining the commitment to responsible governance.

Dr. Abdou Tenkouano, who led CORAF with exceptional leadership over the years 2016 to 2023 officially handed over the reins of the organization to his interim successor. Under his leadership, the organization has strengthened its commitment to agricultural research and sustainable development in West and Central Africa. His initiatives have helped make CORAF a regional leader in the region’s agricultural ecosystem.

During the ceremony, Dr Abdou TENKOUANO took the floor to share his thoughts and experiences as outgoing Executive Director, expressing his gratitude to the team and highlighting CORAF’s achievements under his leadership.

The new interim Executive Director then took the floor to present his vision and objectives for the next stage of CORAF. His words were imbued with optimism and a strong commitment to the organization’s mission. The Chairman of the Board, Dr Angela Maria Moreno, expressed her confidence in Dr Fall’s leadership to continue CORAF’s mission and meet the challenges ahead.

The ceremony was marked by moving testimonials from CORAF staff, underlining the impact of the work accomplished under the outgoing Executive Director and expressing their support for the new leadership.