CORAF’s Expert Directory

Experts Found: 109
Agricultural Extension, Agroecology, Agronomy

Agroecology, Precision Farming, Sustainable Agriculture


Bioenergy and Renewable Resources, Rural Development, Sustainable Agriculture

Doctoral Researcher/International Consultant

Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Education

Responsable Technique Regional PROFOR

Agronomy, Plant Pathology

Research Associate, Entomologist

Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Policy, Rural Development

Chercheur - Agro-économiste

Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Irrigation and Water Management, Precision Farming

Postdoctoral Researcher

Agricultural Extension, Agroecology, Rural Development


Agricultural Economics

Chargé de Programme/ Analyse et rédaction de Projet

Crop Physiology

Senior Lecturer


Chercheur en Sélection et Amélioration Génétique

Agricultural Policy

Senior Socio-economics researcher (maitre de recherche)

Agribusiness Management

Executive Director

Agricultural Education


Agricultural Education


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