Tidiani DIALLO

Company: Isparta university of applied sciences

Position: PhD student

Expert Summary

Tidiani Diallo is an agricultural-economist from Mali, whose expertise covers a wide range of fields related to agricultural and economic development in West Africa. With a degree in agricultural economics from a prestigious institution, Diallo has acquired extensive experience in research, policy analysis and the implementation of programs aimed at improving the living conditions of rural populations. His work focuses mainly on agricultural policies, food security, natural resource management and sustainable rural development strategies. As an agro-economist, I have conducted research contributing to the understanding of the challenges facing sustainable farmers and rural communities in Mali.  


Tidiani Diallo's academic qualifications include a university degree in agricultural economics, as well as postgraduate studies in the same field. I hold a Master's degree in agricultural policy and extension and am currently a Ph.D. student in agricultural economics, rural development or a similar discipline. In addition, I have taken further training or professional development programs in specific areas related to his research interests, such as natural resource management, food security or agricultural policy. His academic qualifications are likely to reflect my expertise and commitment to the field of agricultural economics and rural development.