The West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF) is organizing the 2nd Symposium on the state of agricultural processing in West and Central Africa, to be held from November 21 to 23, 2023 at the Hotel 2 Février in Lomé, Togo.
CORAF is organizing this event as part of the TARSPro project (Scaling Up Agricultural Technologies and Innovations for Increasing the Resilience of Production Systems and Family Farms in West and Central Africa), aimed at strengthening the resilience of agricultural production systems in West and Central Africa, and in synergy with the CAADP-XP4 program.
“This year, the symposium aims to promote research in the field of post-harvest processing to increase shelf life, quality and product diversification in West and Central Africa, in partnership with the private sector. This symposium provides a framework for interaction, dialogue and collaboration, enabling participants to pool their collective wisdom, harness research results and find innovative solutions to the region’s multifaceted agricultural challenges” explains Dr. Abdou TENKOUANO, Executive Director of CORAF.
Participants and researchers from all over West and Central Africa will converge to share their expertise. The event will adopt a hybrid format, combining face-to-face and virtual sessions to enable maximum participation and promote inclusive exchanges.
At the close, the symposium will identify research findings that can be made available to the private sector. As a reminder, CORAF organized in 2022 a symposium on agricultural technologies and innovations.