Strengthening Private Sector Engagement to Transform Agri-Food Systems in West and Central Africa
Dakar, October 12, 2023 – The West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (CORAF) is organizing in collaboration with the National Institute for Agricultural Research and Development (INIDA), the 2nd edition of its annual CORAF FORUM, to be held on October 18 and 19 in Praia, Cape Verde. The Minister of Agriculture and Environment of Cape Verde will preside the official ceremony of this edition.
This year’s Forum will focus on engaging the private sector and strengthening partnerships to significantly contribute to agri-food systems transformation in West and Central Africa..

The CORAF FORUM is a strategic platform that brings together agricultural research leaders, innovators, policy-makers, and academics every year to discuss the challenges and opportunities linked to the development of agriculture in the region.
This year’s event will gather directors of National Agricultural Research Institutes (NARI); representatives of the private sector, development partners and the CGIAR; representatives of regional economic communities (ECOWAS, CEEAC and CEMAC); technical and financial partners (SDC, EU, USAID, World Bank); members of the CORAF Board of Directors, members of the CORAF Scientific Council, staff of the CORAF Executive Secretariat; and staff of INIDA (Cape Verde), the host institution.
The main objective of this second edition of the CORAF FORUM is to catalyze privatesector engagement to foster a more substantial involvement and contribution to the agricultural research and development sector in West and Central Africa.
Anticipated results from the upcoming Forum encompass a comprehensive grasp of the challenges
and advantages of integrating the private sector into agricultural Research and Development (R&D) efforts. The event aims to pinpoint priority areas for agricultural research within West and Central Africa, offering a realignment to facilitate increased private sector participation in the transformative journey of agricultural systems. Most importantly, the Forum intends to unveil practical solutions for enhanced collaboration among the NARS, academic institutions, private-sector entities, and policy-makers.
The 2023 CORAF FORUM represents a crucial milestone in promoting agricultural transformation in West and Central Africa. The discussions, knowledge exchanges, and experiences shared at the event will fuel collective action and contribute to sustainable and resilient agriculture growth in the region. The selection of Cape Verde as host country is of particular importance, as Cape Verde plays a decisive role in West Africa’s agricultural sector,
with a strong representation of the private sector in agriculture, making it an inspiring model for
the whole region. As a successful example of innovation and public-private partnerships in the
agricultural sector, the country offers valuable lessons to be shared at the FORUM.
The 1st edition of the CORAF FORUM contributed to regional and national level initiatives that have strengthened agricultural research in West and Central Africa. A policy brief was drawn up following the Forum, putting forward recommendations to the governments of West and Central African states and perspectives for addressing the multifaceted challenges facing the agricultural sector.

À propos du CORAF :
CORAF, a sub-regional organization made up of the national agricultural research systems of twenty-three West and Central African countries, is responsible for coordinating the implementation of sub-regional agricultural research policies as defined by governments.
Established in 1987 with its Executive Secretariat in Dakar, Senegal, CORAF’s main objective is to improve livelihoods in West and Central Africa, by fostering sustainable increases in agricultural production and productivity and promoting competitiveness and markets.
The CORAF FORUM is a flagship initiative to share insights, knowledge and lessons for increased scientific contributions to agricultural research and development in West and Central Africa.

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