Tomas Sitoe

Company: Mozambique Agricultural Research Institute

Position: ***

Expert Summary

I purse a PhD and Masters’ degrees in Rural Development by the Rio Grande do Sul Federal University (Brazil, 2010), and Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique, 2006), respectively. I also pursue a (BSc. Honor) in Agronomy (1989 – 95), a Math & Physics Teacher’s course for Secondary school by the Eduardo Mondlane University (1981 – 83). Since 1990, Agronomist at the Ministry of Agriculture/National Directorate of Agrarian Services, Early Warning System for Food Security Department (EWD). Between 2000 and 2008 chief of the Statistics and Agricultural Economics Division in the EWD.


Eduardo Mondlane University


Rural Development


Eduardo Mondlane University




Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Early Warning System for Food Security


Conduct food security analyses and elaborate food security reports;
Estimation of agricultural area cropped, outputs and yields at national, provincial and district levels;
Train agricultural officers at provincial and district levels on crop monitoring and yield estimates methodologies;
Participate on formulation of food and cash crops programs and strategies;
Agricultural projects development and evaluation


Mozambique Agricultural Research Institute
Head of the Centre for Socioeconomic studieser


assess the impact of the adoption of technologies on production systems and farmers’ livelihoods; (ii) ensuring the integration of socio-economic aspects in the process of technologies’ generation, and (iii) carrying out participatory socio-economic diagnoses to determine constraints and opportunities in agrarian production systems.