Thulo Monyatsi

Company: Agricultural Productivity Programme for Southern Africa

Position: Mr

Expert Summary

I develop business cases for acquisition of information technology and support the development and management of data collection tools; development of interactive dashboards for management decision support using Microsoft Excel Slicers, DHIS2 and PowerBI; Institutionalize data as commodity for transformation in learning organization to influence an evidence-based culture; I am committed to result based planning and monitoring to align results with interventions as guided by theory of change (ToC).




UNICAF University - Zambia University


Master of Business Administration in Management Information Systems


National University of Lesotho


BEng. Computer Systems & Networks


Agricultural Productivity Programme for Southern Africa
Information Technology and Knowledge Management


Develop Communications Strategy and work plans for APPSA Lesotho to support regional collaboration, project visibility and awareness of agricultural improved technologies.

Develop information, education and communication (IEC) materials through branding for awareness.

Develop knowledge products through videos, podcast, pictures and multimedia to disseminate information to project stakeholders as outlined in the project implementation manual (PIM) and corporate strategic plan.

Develop knowledge management platforms for seamless access and collaboration through appropriate channels.


Digital Health


Develop organization wide work flows and business needs for data to support strategic positioning.

Acquire and customize software (DHIS2 and PowerBI) to facilitate data collection, collation and data quality management processes as well as dissemination.

Develop and manage data sets, meta data, access control, create business rules (validation controls), support M&E and statistical data verification process and produce reports, work with consultants to expose API endpoints for data sharing and interoperability.


Senior HMIS Manager


Developed and supported DHIS2 and OpenMRS Bahmni distribution technical requirements for publich data management of the Ministry of Health in Lesotho spanning 10 administrative districts and over 45 health facilities. The DHIS2 is deployed as a data warehouse and OpenMRS Bahmni being utilized for longitudinal transactions of patient medial record known as electronic medical records (EMR) system. Piloted an open health information exchange (OpenHIE) platform on patient clinical records (CR) and client identity registry (CIR) for patient tracking across different health service points. Translated user requirements into actionable development solutions through use cases, design UML, work flows and story boards. Oversee the software development process of OpenMRS and facilitate user testing phase with product shipping using docker containers. Actively develop business logic and front-end customization for both DHIS2 (CSS, HTML, Json files) and OpenMRS (Json files, scripts, php). Also provide testing of system endpoints for integration using REST-API with Json viewer. Develop system roll-out plans and stakeholder engagement for buy-in and select champions to smooth adoption and ownership. Business process documentation using ARIS software and Microsoft Visio.