Company: Alliance Bioversity CIAT & National Agriculture University of Benin

Position: Socio-economist

Expert Summary

Esdras is a social scientist, coach and advisor specialized in knowledge, innovation and innovation system research and management. He has a Master's degree in Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology and a Bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology.


Over the past six years, Esdras has been actively involved in several research and development projects with numerous national and international organisations namely the National Union of Soybean Farmers of Benin (UNPS-BENIN), the National Agricultural Research Institute of Benin (INRAB), AfricaRice, UNDP, GIZ and West Africa Agricultural Productivity Programme (WAAPP/ProCAD). Most of these experiences integrate the most recent and adapted approaches in the design, transfer, monitoring and evaluation of agricultural innovation, animation and facilitation capacities (in particular multi-stakeholder platforms) in rural areas. 


Esdras is well-versed in Statistical software including STATA, SPSS, NVivo, MS Office Suite, and has intermediate skills in R language programming.  He is a well-organised, highly motivated and proactive person who can adapt effectively to work in challenging environments. Not only does he approach problems positively and creatively, but he also maintains a nuanced and thoughtful view of the situation and a professional demeanour. Esdras's organisational skills are underpinned by his ability to manage time effectively, meet deadlines, and communicate effectively with others.


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Obossou, E., Goumbi, K. L., & Idrissou, L. (2018). Analyse de la mise en œuvre de systèmes d’innovation au sein de la filière soja dans la commune de Dassa-Zoumé au Centre du Bénin. Annales de l’Université de Parakou Série « Sciences Naturelles et Agronomie »Série « Sciences Naturelles et Agronomie », 8(1), 105–116. http://sna.annales-up.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Article-11_Obossou.pdf



PhD Researcher in Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology (Ongoing)

Researching on climate change adaptation and mitigation for Agri-food system transformation in West Africa

National Agricultural University, Graduate School of Water and Agricultural Sciences, Benin



September 2023-Now

Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Agricultural Extension (Rural Sociology)

Thesis: Gender analysis of the adoption of climate-smart agriculture technologies  among   small-scale farmers in Northern Benin

University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Faculty of Agriculture-Nigeria



October 2019-December 2021

Bachelor of Science in Agronomy (Economics and Rural Sociology)

Thesis: Analysis of soybean Innovation Systems in the district of Dassa-Zoumé in Central Benin

University of Parakou, Faculty of Agronomy, Benin


October 2014-July 2017




Graduate Research Assistant      

National Agricultural University of Benin/School of Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension                                     

September 2023 -Now                                             

      Socioeconomic studies

·       Co-supervision of undergraduate students

·       Systematic literature review,

·       Quantitative data analysis

·       Qualitative data analysis,

·       Design, delivery, data capture and statistical analysis

Peer-review articles writing

Research Associate

Accelerating Impacts of CGIAR Climate Research for Africa (AICCRA), Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, Dakar, Senegal

December 2022-November 2023

·       Supporting the scaling Up of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) and Climate Information Services (CIS)

·       Contribute to gender and climate change adaptation and mitigation in agriculture and food security research outputs for AICCRA West Africa cluster

·       Provide support to AICCRA West Africa cluster on activities related to Gender Action Plan of Senegal

·       Review and synthesize knowledge outputs from research activities

·       Data collection, data entry and reporting

Contribute to workshops, meetings, training and other dissemination events


Consultant: Gender and Rural development

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) (Home-based)

April 2022- May 2023

·       Gender Research

·       Analysis of the main concepts and evolving approaches to Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in an international arena (GEWE)

·       Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the gender architecture and corporate  and business processes of international development agencies

·       Analysis of IFAD’s past performance on GEWE

·       IFAD Gender Audit

·       Pilot country cases studies on gender transformative approaches

Research assistant (Traineeship)

Department of Agricultural Extension-Chair of Rural Sociology, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria

January 2020-December 2021

·        Scientific production on various research thematic (gender, indigenous knowledge, climate change vulnerability and farmers adaptation, food security and food safety practices)

·        Design, and implementation of research projects,

·        Co-supervision of undergraduate students,

·        Systematic literature review,

·        Quantitative and Qualitative data analysis,

·        Design, delivery, data capture and statistical analysis

·        Scientific communication

Research Assistant

National Institute of Agricultural Research (CRA-Nord Ouest/INRAB), Benin

January 2018-September 2019

·        Qualitative research and analysis

·        Design and facilitation of focus group discussion and workshops

·        Participation in studies on

§  Socioeconomic impact assessment of agricultural innovations in the maize, millet, fonio and sorghum value chains

§  adoption and diffusion of the technologies introduced by the Center

·        Participatory mapping of the maize, millet, fonio and sorghum value chains

·        Analysis of constraints and opportunities related to the promotion of innovations in the value chains

·        Facilitation of innovation platforms for the diffusion of technologies developed by the Center.

Academic Intern

National Union of Soybean Farmers (UNPS-BENIN), Parakou (Benin)

August - November 2017

·        Participation in soybean farmers profiling;

·        Dissemination of innovations (improved soybean seeds and soybean inoculum)

·        Social network analysis: analysis of soybean innovation systems;

·        Capacity building of producers on good agricultural practices;

·        Data collection on the perception of producers and processors of innovations







June 2022

Ifangni, Porto-Novo Benin


National Institute of Agricultural Research Benin (INRAB)

Dr Léonard Cossi HINNOU

Research Coordinator

+229 97 73 89 04

[email protected]


Socio-economic data collection for monitoring the adoption of technologies scaled up by the Partnership for Agricultural Research, Education, and Development (PAIRED/CORAF).

July 2019

Dassa-Zoumé, Glazoué (Benin)

AfricaRice, Benin,


+229 64 18 13 13

[email protected]



Implementation of gender Transformative methodologies in the rice value chain. Facilitation of the exploratory phase of the implementation of the “Ladder of Life” approach in Benin to understand local perceptions of poverty dynamics; Quantitative and qualitative data collection; Quantitative and qualitative data analysis; Technical and scientific report writing

June 2019

Ouessè, Ouinhi, Parakou and Tanguiéta (Benin)

ProCAD/World Bank, Benin

PhD Souléïmane ADEKAMBI

[email protected]

+229 97 57 78 57

Junior Consultant-Agro-sociologist


Impact evaluation of the Agricultural Diversification Support Project (PADA / PPAAO) :

Participatory analysis of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the project

SWOT/FFOM analysis of the interventions as well as the PPAAO project

Report Writing

October 2018 and February 2019

Ouessè, Dassa-Zoumé, Savè, Kétou, Pobè, Gogounou, Pehunco, Karimama

National Institute of Agricultural Research Benin (INRAB)

Dr Léonard Cossi HINNOU

Research Coordinator

+229 97 73 89 04

[email protected]

Associate Consultant

Evaluation of farmers’ social representation of agricultural machinery in agricultural development poles in Benin

Evaluation of the needs of producers and processors in terms of agricultural machinery;

Analysis of preferences in the management of agricultural machinery

Assessment of access mechanisms to agricultural mechanization

August 2018

Parakou (Benin)


Dr Léonard Cossi HINNOU

Research Coordinator

+229 97 73 89 04

[email protected]

Assistant of the Principal Consultant

Market study of salt on the part of the Djegbadji;  Development of data collection tools and pre-testing; Facilitation of focus group discussions; Quantitative data collection, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and report writing